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happy birthday, bassey!

sending birthday wishes to my favorite future bro-in-law in st. louis today! love you, bassey and hope that you have the best day- savoring every moment- which i know you will.  in memory, here are some photos from my surprise trip to cincinnati a year ago today. after a difficult september last year, i decided the night before- at about 11:30pm- to drive from charlotte to cincinnati to surprise my entire family - it was beyond worth it. i loved seeing their faces when they saw me waiting at the restaurant - the tears in my dad's eyes & excitement on all of their faces... bassey is so genuine and thanked me about 20 times for coming. my sister did an amazing job of planning the event - a family dinner, his brother coming in from texas, a surprise party downtown, surprise visitors, a party bus, dancing in mt. adams, a video, and a book of wishes & memories. loved. it felt so good to be back - 'this midwest way of ease, it surrounds us- i can't deny the rhythm here.' 

thank you for treating my sister the way she deserves to be treated <3

i've missed you queen city of the north 
 mom's monster cookies 
speech :) 
late night trip to shanghai mama's ... out until after 3am with the family!! 
love her 
love you, bassey!

enjoy your special day 

here's to many, many more...

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