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a note

Dear  Self,

when you get that sad feeling…like you could cry at any second…you’re really just tired. or getting sick. or you have traveled for five out of the past six weekends and you are simply exhausted. 
here are some helpful points: 
unplug more often. let “relaxing on the couch” be just that…not “sitting on the couch while also blogging and working and tweeting.” your mind needs rest just as much as your body does. 
think before you speak – not just about what you say, but how you say it – because despite your intentions, sometimes your tone sounds really, well… not nice...  and just try and be aware. 

it’s okay that you run out of steam – physically and mentally – more quickly than others. being fragile is not a weakness, but forcing yourself to be stronger than you are is.

working hard is important, but depending on God is more important. all the work in the world doesn’t even come close to His ability to give you the desires of your heart.

everything will work out. it always does. 
and if it doesn’t, it's ok!!

it’s okay that you’re so close to your family. it’s not weird-- it’s a gift. 

good luck tomorrow, jess ~ on the opening of lulu. love you- so much. 
read more books. it’s good for you.

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... on another note: 

my favorite kids halloween costume of the year- 


source: coffee culture 

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