olive june: October 2013

a note

Dear  Self,

when you get that sad feeling…like you could cry at any second…you’re really just tired. or getting sick. or you have traveled for five out of the past six weekends and you are simply exhausted. 
here are some helpful points: 
unplug more often. let “relaxing on the couch” be just that…not “sitting on the couch while also blogging and working and tweeting.” your mind needs rest just as much as your body does. 
think before you speak – not just about what you say, but how you say it – because despite your intentions, sometimes your tone sounds really, well… not nice...  and just try and be aware. 

it’s okay that you run out of steam – physically and mentally – more quickly than others. being fragile is not a weakness, but forcing yourself to be stronger than you are is.

working hard is important, but depending on God is more important. all the work in the world doesn’t even come close to His ability to give you the desires of your heart.

everything will work out. it always does. 
and if it doesn’t, it's ok!!

it’s okay that you’re so close to your family. it’s not weird-- it’s a gift. 

good luck tomorrow, jess ~ on the opening of lulu. love you- so much. 
read more books. it’s good for you.

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... on another note: 

my favorite kids halloween costume of the year- 


source: coffee culture 

wellness wednesday- my november challenge

... just two days until november starts! 

here's my plan: 

25 days of hot yoga & thankful thoughts ... 

  • my plan is to go to hot yoga from friday november 1- monday november 25. *requiring more 6am practices- but i am up for it. my mind, body, and life are calling for more these days. 
  • during that day's practice, i plan to focus on one thing that i am thankful for. 
  • i will be blogging about my experiences with you all... 
  • clean eats will also be my focus- along with long walks/jogs 

who wants to join me? 

*you can comment below my posts about your workout and what your thankful focus was for the day*

please comment below this post if you are up for the challenge!! 

i am excited to share this journey with you... 
and how fantastic and ready will we all be to celebrate on
 thanksgiving day

*please comment if you are up for the november challenge*

five photo tips

5 tips for lifestyle photos 

monday love - etsy in the fall

Layers are perfect when mornings and evenings are cool, but days are still sunny and warm. A chic sweater over your tee or leather boots with a skirt make for a stylish transition.

Rich leather tones and heathered yarns are ideal pairing for the modern man’s wardrobe.

There are so many ways to transition the seasons without donning a heavy coat; this fall, animal prints and berry colors are a perfect choice. Throw in tried-and-true knits (I’m loving ponchos and hair turbans) and you’re perfectly accessorized for the season.
Erin Souder loves to create and is the voice behind the daily DIY and home style blog, House of Earnest. She is a Columbus-based creative who works in product development, and specializes in floral design and event styling.  In her spare time, Erin likes to make lists and check things off of them.  She lives a 100 year old farmhouse with her husband and their schnauzer, Perry.

source: etsy.com

the one you battle to be ...

this evening my heart is full for friendship
the kind that looks at you and sees you-
not for the things that you would define yourself as... 
but looks at you and sees you as the sum of those minute transformations you have experienced and are currently experiencing
who sees all that reigns down upon you to shape you
those things that are just plain brutal and hurt
who sees all those seemingly small triumphs in your character
as well as those grand achievements and blessings of joy
who knows you for the person you are
the person you battle to not be
and the one you battle to be. 

i loved every second with my hometown friends this weekend- so genuine, so kind, so fun~

gosh i love them- so much. 

... more photos from our fantastic trip to wilmington, nc coming this week!

congrats mr. and mrs. ernst! 

good morning from wilmington ~

last night 
was a night of laughs- 
and stories. 

i love being around these people 
apart of me misses the country 
but my whole heart misses the people-
 enjoying being

traveling through the land of the pines...

tim and i are wilmington, north carolina bound 

for the austin-ernst wedding tomorrow!!

the groom has been my close friend since kindergarten-
when you go k-12 with 55 kids 
they become your family.
phil was a 'big brother' to me growing up ~
and i am blessed to still consider him one today.  

my parents were supposed to be there-
but have decided to stay in ohio 
to support my brother-
best wishes to my sister and bassey on their half marathon sunday 
we will miss all of you. 

i really need this weekend 
with hometown friends 
in my beautiful state- 
to relax and celebrate 
couldn't be more excited. 
safe travels to all! 

 ... wishing you a wonderful weekend!