to 32 years of love... | olive june

to 32 years of love...

wishing my parents a very happy wedding anniversary 


it's been magical to witness your unconditional love for one another

throughout the years ~ always so affectionate! 
(which I was embarrased about and strongly disliked as a young adult) 
but am so proud of now ... now that i have matured a bit~ :)
how powerful is this type of love. 
enjoy the rascal flatts concert tonight & lovely cincinnati 
along with columbus - go buckeyes- this weekend 
in honor~ 

here is the video that my brother, sister, and i made for them on their 30th anniversary: 

there is love. 
two months in...

looking forward to year 32~ 

we loved your visit to charlotte!! 

thank you for all you do for us...

enjoy your anniversary, mom and dad! 

-tim & nelle


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