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the most special gift~

yesterday, i came home to the most thoughtful wedding gift... it brought tears to my eyes~ sweet rachel from maryland sent us these handmade block picture frames with two images of our wedding day on them- when i say that she is one of the most caring, creative, and thoughtful people i have ever met- i mean it. 

rachel- you have no idea how much we adore them and how excited we were- thank you for the time you put into these- we both love them so much!! 

she even painted the backs- another surprise when i turned them over!! 

adore boho flags- 
i appreciate everything you have brought to my life over the past months- 
you are simply wonderful
simply love

... we will cherish these always  -- they are so perfect! 
favorite part about paleo so far: 
guacamole is paleo!! thanks to trader's joe's- i whipped some up in no time last night-
with lots of jalapenos~

have a great friday!!

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