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gone ombre

i did something this week that was a year in the making... gone ombre you all... it's a change i am getting used to, but loving it so far! super dark on top and medium brown/blonde highlights throughout the rest. *i didn't want to do it before the wedding- due to an updo- and then my beloved hairstylist, jacquelyn (you might remember her from this post about her upcoming and much anticipated new line with her sister called twine twig style) was on maternity leave with her sweet baby boy, stafford~ who was born on june 12 and who i was lucky enough to nanny for a few times this summer- he's adorable. 
thank you all for the sweet messages today - <3. 

... try to avoid 'selfies' for the most part- but had some hair photo requests... 

t. reid is an adorable house in dilworth & was voted one of the best 100 salons in the nation from marie claire *one of two in the state of n. carolina :) 
simply love t.reid- this is my seventh year going there/with jacquelyn... 
* here is a throwback thursday photo- some of you might remember this from 
july 2011- when i decided to drastically go chestnut brown...  

& good news- i can breath again!! 
thanks to some melatonin, i was able to get an amazing rest last night 
and feel so much better. 
excited for a low country boil tonight 
in plaza midwood :) 

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  1. Cute ombre hair! Our flower girl's mom just went ombre, too! I haven't colored my hair since college, but I think it might be time for me to start up again. My hairdresser pointed out some (gasp) gray hairs at my last haircut! They're on the sides and back of my head so I can't see them myself, but my husband has confirmed their presence. He and I were sitting outside last night, and while it seemed like he was gently running his fingers through my hair, he later told me that he was finding all my grays. How sweet haha!