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costa rica~ la fortuna

we arrived in san jose, costa rica on tuesday july 2nd - we walked off the airplane and were greeted by a friendly young girl with a 'tim monaco' sign (sadly, these photos - along with about 100 others- would be lost on an iphone later in the trip, but we loved it- we were the only ones greeted and she was so helpful and sweet) we were then driven in a van- where it was just us/we loved seeing their countryside- for about three hours to the town of la fortuna in arenal (the part of the country where the active volcano is located, which we could see from our room- unbelievable)
we would stay in this part of the country until the morning of friday, july 5th ... 

while there, we went on adventures daily & enjoyed exploring la fortuna- one of our favorite parts of our trip. 
we loved seeing their culture and how people live in this proud and friendly country.
*having a new husband, who happens to be fluent in spanish, definitely helped the experience- 
we loved it.   

i am planning on posting photos from our trip throughout this week~

i look forward to sharing our honeymoon with you all-  for what would be the most amazing experience and was everything we had ever dreamed of and so much more...

costa rica is one beautiful country 

these beautiful canes reminded me of my late grandpa charlie - miss that man all the time
our souvenir- a gorgeous handmade hammock :) 
i, of course, adore their love of color 

we sent postcards back the u.s to our parents... 
here's to you, pops!! 
my husband and his man purse...
*it's a backpack and i wore it most of the time. 
loved their coffee!!

... please stay tuned for more photos tomorrow... 

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