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with a splash of coffee...

i woke up early and realized that it felt like autumn outside (LOVE)
so i made a cup of blueberry coffee and headed out to our deck - 
for some lesson planning, reading, blogging, etc. 
followed by errands and lots of housework~ 
= one productive saturday - with a splash of coffee. 

 ... i have been going to the same farmer's market on kings street since i moved to charlotte in 2007- very near and dear to my heart ... 
this is where we buy delicious/low priced/locally grown fruits & veggies, fresh flowers, annuals, pumpkins, bread, and even our christmas tree ... 

 jams & berries
 ... these women are so talented- i stood and watched them make one beautiful bouquet after another- all fabulous and low priced... 

i decided to go with yellow and white flowers this week ...
 three of my favorite things: avocados, blackberry jam, and green onions
 *an urban outfitters special and i adore them- salmon colored and $14.95 *
*to top off the day, tim and traveled over to 1900 mexican grill in elizabeth (my favorite) to celebrate our 2 1/2 year anniversary together ... 
what better way to splurge before the paleo lifestyle on 9.1.13!! 
... it was delicious and we had a great time... it was nice to get out and enjoy!

enjoy your sunday- 

we are heading uptown to the charlotte pride festival with friends- 
yes, republicans can support gay rights too :) 

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