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wellness wednesday- "get to know paleo"

a september challenge~

i have decided to go paleo throughout the month of september... and i am very, very excited about it! i have wanted to do this for a long time and have talked with people who practice this lifestyle over the past few weeks and have heard nothing but good and inspiring testimonies. although it will be a challenge from time to time, my main focus is the health of my body- it's important to me- and i have a feeling that i am going to feel fantastic; for the concept is to eat what we were meant to eat. 
so i am committed and am looking forward to the journey.

the plan: 

- follow 100% throughout the month of september (minus a few football brews- too important:))
- after- follow 80/20 - i am a 'foodie' and want to live life in the amazing food world, but in healthy moderation 
- continue to do hot yoga and incorporate running/walking/weight lifting 
- i am planning on updating recipes regularly and will post my weekly challenges/successes on the weekly wellness wednesday at minimum.
- lots of juicing and farmer's market runs...

* i would love for you to join me... please comment below if you would like to follow me on this journey- i am planning on researching over the next 10 days and will start on sunday september 1... i encourage you to consider! 

Get to Know \Pa”le*o-\

Welcome to the world as it was before corn fields, grain mills, dairy farms, high-fructose corn syrup, McDonald’s and Starbucks.  You have to fend for yourself. Hunt animals, gather your ruffage and prepare your food. What would you eat?  The answer to that may surprise you: LOTS of delicious food!!
It’s important to keep in mind that modern primal eaters are not attempting to re-enact history. *Note that I can’t speak for all of us, but I can say with confidence that I have not yet witnessed a man wearing a loincloth, holding a spear coming out of a CrossFit gym in recent memory. Though I would have no objection to this if it were say, Jason Statham or Bradley Cooper, but I digress… Electronic appliances are welcome, as is modern refrigeration, stainless steel cookware and a well-stocked spice cabinet. The cave has improved a bit over the years, let’s take advantage of that.
The idea is to give your body the fuel it needs to function at its best. This is not a crash diet. This is a lifestyle of getting rid of processed foods, confronting your dependency on hormone-laden protein and dairy, and preserving your dear sweet pancreas.  Believe me, you have no idea how good you can feel until you eliminate or significantly limit sugars and grains.

 source: popularpaleo

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  1. Good for you! My brother-in-law dabbled in the paleo diet a few times after joining CrossFit, but after a few weeks, he'd give in and gorge on pizza haha. Victor also tried it a bit before our wedding, and as a result, I did too, but we weren't too strict about it. I'd be interested in trying it, too, but it's going to be a huge lifestyle change (no more Cheerios for breakfast!?! No coffee?!?!). While we were in Europe, especially in Portugal, we ate much more natural foods, and the quality of foods was much better than here. When we were coming home, we decided we were going to try to eat as naturally as possible from now on. We felt so much better eating natural and fresh foods. The kicker is going to be eliminating those "good for you" foods that are more processed.