welcome to mrs. monaco's classroom | olive june

welcome to mrs. monaco's classroom

a look into my second home ~

 my classroom for 2013-2014 ... 

today at open house, some of my very favorite previous students came back to visit-
 loved seeing them- 
and i am so proud of all of them! 

*never thought i would be a "wildcat" growing up... our biggest hometown rival ... 
AND blue and gold ... worst combo possible for a redskin and buckeye. :) 
*i love this book and usually go to amelie's french bakery before every new year and re-read the key concepts- i actually have the author's son in my class this year- and would recommend her books. 
"smart apples" board 

out of my seven years of pre-school stress- this one takes the cake... :( 

i keep telling myself- 'be optimistic, be optimistic, be optimistic.' 

*my focus this weekend is to continue to count my blessings- i am healthy ~ my loved ones are healthy and i just need to do my very best and pray for a good school year. 

... as 127 new students come through my door next week, i remind myself: 

best wishes to all teachers and students as they begin a new year... 


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