welcome home, pierre!! | olive june

welcome home, pierre!!

today is the day that tim and i have waited for 
for two months now...
our beloved son, pierre,
who we adore- so much-
is coming back to charlotte!!!!!
*he's been staying with his grandparents in ohio since the wedding-
due to our traveling schedule~ 
my mom has been sending photos though- 
i think he's been enjoying himself 
and knowing my mom and animals...
he's been spoiled.
we CAN'T WAIT to see him today.
esp. to show him his new home. 

my parents are traveling down for the weekend from the buckeye state (one day!!)- 
i can't wait to see them. 
always love their visits. 
stay tuned early next week for a post about our weekend together in the queen city... 
safe travels mom and dad ~

*we will be celebrating my mom's birthday tomorrow and their anniversary- 
which is september 5*
i listened to sweet rachel's advice this week and tried to not let the stress steal my sunshine:)
... and we get to meet this little guy this weekend as well~ 
my parent's new and super cute pup, oliver 

have a wonderful friday y'all!!


  1. Oh my goodness, I couldn't be away from my Kenny for 2 whole months! Three weeks was TORTURE for me! Have so much fun with your parents this weekend and with sweet little Oliver...what kind of pup is he? He's so cute!

    Also, I had to use some of my advice yesterday...one of my students gave me a run for my money yesterday and I got pretty upset. I'm very proud of how I handled the situation, though.

  2. OMG OMG OMG I want to steal Oliver. Better tell Mama and Papa Wolf to watch out! ;)