summer lovin' happened so fast... | olive june

summer lovin' happened so fast...

and with the the ring of a bell
               ... summer is over 

we were lucky enough for a beach trip to say goodbye to the summer of 2013
for me, the beach is always a good decision
the beach tops my list of favorite places to be
and places that feed my soul
it's a consensus though
we both love the beach
thank you for all of the photo love again ... you are all so kind. 

i spent yesterday getting a mani at polished nail bar (love), reading for hours at a coffee shop, and then went on a date with tim to our favorite spot- soul- now a short 5 minute walk from our home :) 

when i walked in, i instantly saw emily from the bachelorette to the right - there is a wall of intimate booths lined up next to one another- so when the hostess asked, 'inside or outside?' and i almost always pick outside- i said, 'inside' and... she sat us right next to her. we didn't say anything- i feel like she deserves some type of privacy, but she sat a few feet from me on the booth the entire time and it looked like a first/second date... 

here are a few photos from yesterday: 

some of our favorite soul treats- we decided to indulge and ordered things that we didn't during wedding prep: 

 spicy feta dip

french fries with olive oil truffle 

the napoleon sushi roll- i could eat this every single day. 

great day back to work- pretty crazy seeing your new last name everywhere...  
*it felt really good to be back ... so nice to have structure again. 

i went into my word doc account and saw this... even though i loved the wedding process/our day, i def won't miss all of the constant work. adios wedding work. 

*hoping for a great school year... lucky year 7~
and year 1 as Mrs. Monaco 
i plan to do my best to stay positive (even when encountered with negativity) and to give it my all every single day- while keeping balance in our lives and trying to live the most heathy, full, colorful life possible... simple- yet challenging-
 one that i will be proud to look back on. 

                             *recommend the items sold on the etsy site- simple october :)

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