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our wedding hotel bags

one of my favorite parts about our wedding (photos coming SOON!!) was that SO many people traveled so far to be there- which made me emotional throughout the day- as this is what made our wedding SO special- we had people travel from california, denver, new york, boston, connecticut, ohio, illinois, florida, alabama, new jersey, philadelphia, delaware & even italy- and SO many other places~ it was humbling and meant so much to tim and i. 
as a result, we wanted to thank those who traveled by making hotel bags... so worth the time and energy- here is a breakdown of the hotel bags we gave out... 

*each box had a burlap tag on the side that said: wolf.monaco wedding with either pearls or flowers on the tag- a HUGE thank you to my dear friend, vicky burger, for writing these out: 
my students helped me cut these signs for the outside 
(on the last day of school- they were so excited to help! so cute.) 
and then i laminated them and hot glued them onto the natural colored gable boxes 

i designed these timelines and then had them printed on etsy~ 
an order of events for our guests- this was tied to the boxes with twine 

the inside:
items included/some of our favorite things:
- a can of sprite or ginger ale
- a bottle of water with a 'love' tag glued onto the label
- reese's cups
- granola bars
- doublemint gum
- lorna doone cookies
- utz chips
- peanut butter crackers 
- two motrins :)
- a pack of hot tamales that said "j & t's fav. road trip treat" in type writer font from pinterest  (also written with love by some of my prior students)

- and lastly, my amazing mom (known for her delicious baked goods in small town) baked two cookies for each bag~ thank you mom!

*i had an etsy seller make the following tags and bought the floral bags at michael's around easter time- one monster cookie/one chocolate chip cookie in each box: 
i closed each box with a shabby chic clothespin from michael's 
the love tags for the water bottles - i hot glued them over the labels on the water bottles 
the shabby chic clothespins from michael's:

inside, i also placed a charlotte postcard and a coral sheet of 'places/things to do' 
i set up an 'assembly line' and then tim's parents came over
 and helped us assemble all 75 boxes- 


along with everyone else that helped transfer and close at the hotel- esp. my dad, jess, alex, and jana- that was a lot of work!! thank you so much

 - we hope you all enjoyed your hotel bags- a lot of you commented and uploaded to our wedding photo app- yay!! 
it was honestly the least that we could do~
 thank you all again for traveling so far to celebrate with us!! 

on another note, after two hours at the dmv today~
i am officially a monaco :)

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