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my bridal portraits

on sunday may 19, i took my bridal portraits at the gorgeous duke mansion- where our rehearsal dinner took place... despite the rain, i had so much FUN with melissa- there are no words for how much we love her and her work! the perfect photographer for us... so sweet, patient, creative, and someone that we both LOVE being around. here are about half of the photos that she took that evening... thank you again, melissa! <3 you. 
melissa's post on her fantastic blog: 
thank you, traviesos for letting me use your house to get ready/store my gown!! 


i went to the local farmer's market and made my own bouquet of peonies for the shoot 

-- thank you again, melissa tuck~ tim and i both simply adore you. 

*another huge thank you to brittany byrd from all about you salon in charlotte and erin ashley chapman for the make-up (loved)

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