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in a world of good is...

 your own reflection ... 

what do you see when you look in the mirror
does your reflection match how you feel
do you ever gaze into a face that couldn’t be your own
that’s not me
you peer ahead expecting to see yourself in a younger light 
or perhaps at a time in your life you felt most productive, successful, or happy

the goal would be to look at our reflection and see us for good that we find in ourselves now 
that very day
in that very moment
relishing in what those past events have made us today

but i think we have all experienced that longer than typical stare at that face ahead
reminiscing on your past appearance
your past lives
wondering how you got to be here... 
*do you reflect and see yourself for the good?

on august 22, 2006, i arrived in darmstadt, germany to start a new adventure ... to begin one of the best experiences of my life; one i am so extremely fortunate to have been able to do. i would student teach on a u.s army base for four months with three unbelievable roommates, the best cooperating teacher possible (love), a class full of eager and unforgettable 5th graders, and numerous travels to remarkable european cities - i miss it all the time. 

so beyond thankful to have been given the opportunity- 
for parents who never questioned my desire... just supported and believed in me <so much>
& for all who helped and loved me during my time there. 
sometimes i look back at how much i have changed - 
from even my mid 20's ... 
i often feel that i am much more 
more excited than ever before about living my life to the fullest

constantly reflecting on what else i can do;
always striving to become a better person--
in a world of good. 

mal and i in germany 



hannah and i in our attic apartment on base 


<3 train rides... 
journaling, laughing, drinking wine, sleeping~
such a fun way to travel.






dachau concentration camp
"work will make you free."


i miss you all... 

sometimes i wonder~
will my reflections in life constantly change
... yet
hopefully always looking for the good in the world. 

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  1. Love! What was your favorite European city that you visited? Aside from all of the capstone stops, I've been to Dublin, London, and Paris...still want to visit Amsterdam, Venice, Greece, Scotland...the list could go on! When I saw your picture from Dachau, I was reminded of when we visited there on our capstone trip--in fact, I think I have the same picture. Such an intense experience. While we were on vacation this summer, I read Jodi Picoult's new novel, The Storyteller. It's about a woman who tells her story of surviving the Holocaust (among other things, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone who wants to read it). It was VERY moving and devastating all at the same time. Picoult does some seriously heavy research for all of her books, and this one was no exception. I'd recommend reading it.