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i heart instagram...

top five reasons why i love instagram

i will admit it 
i am an instagram addict
those who have not yet experienced the wonder of this social media app
often ask me why i love it so much
why i like it better than Facebook
and why would they want to bother with it

so here are my top 5 reasons why i love instagram

i am a very visual person
although i love words and their power to paint an image of someone's everyday life
i thoroughly enjoy seeing it manifested in a photo
i love gazing upon a scene and seeing it composed through the eyes of someone else
i continue to be in awe of how others can capture such beauty simply through a camera phone

"Our strengthened family cultures will be a protection for our children...embedded in their peer cultures, the entertainment and celebrity cultures, the credit and entitlement cultures, and the Internet and media cultures to which they are constantly exposed. Strong family cultures will help our children live in the world and not become "of the world". -L. Tom Perry 
at the dreamiest 6 year old birthday party ever!!!

Guessing he won't let me snuggle him while he naps forever. So, I'm getting it in now.

most bloggers and photographers have an instagram account
bringing their creative genius and vision straight to your fingertips
better than pinterest, you can connect directly to the source of the projects and images
creating more of a lasting connection
and allowing you to see more of what you love from these originators of your favorite pins

there is a demystifying element in instagram through seeing a blogger or a friend in light of their daily activities
you soon realize that although their life may appear very pretty, its also is filled with some messy bits as well
the nature of instagram normalizes the lives of these sometimes seemingly flawless personas
they emerge as normal and human just like you and me

*there is a refreshing vulnerability that is often captured in an instagram feed

So those of you that comment about how tidy I am...... let me dispel the myth and feast your eyes on this!!!#stuffifoundinmycar  

A number of people have made these sorts of comments to me lately, "you're so strong", "you're an inspiration" and that sort of thing. It's made me realize that perhaps I have been only showing the good moments. Today was not a good moment. Today I don't feel strong, today I am definitely not an inspiration. Today i could barely lift up my head. Today I am angry and afraid. Today I cry. Today the reality of what this new "unknown mass" might mean really sunk in - this is the turn in prognosis that I have been dreading and praying against ever since we first heard that Bryan has melanoma. This could be the turn that takes him from stage 3 to stage 4, from just watching for a recurrence to terminal. And I don't want it to be, it can't be! Not yet! It's too soon! "please, Lord, please"... I don't want to walk that road! If there is any other way... I cry... And slowly a gentle whisper comes, "I know, child, I know."

then there is the friendships
developing new friendships with others and perpetuating established friendships
yes, you actually can start a real life friendship through instagram




through using instagram it has helped me develop a habit of looking for the beauty in my own life

i see my own life through a new lens
searching out those images i wish to never forget

*instagram has enlarged my capacity to be grateful for the little things and the little moments ... 

it is my daily journal in pictorial form

i would invite you if you have not already~
give instagram a try
see what sort of impact this little app might make in your life
and be sure to follow me @nellamarie5 to catch a glimpse into my life

what are your top reasons for loving instagram?

**link up your instagram username and a link to one of your favorite photos for us all to enjoy

*and please stay tuned for how we incorporated our love for instagram into our june wedding!

even pierre loves ...

*sweet dreams are made of these 

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