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back to reality~

and lovin it... 
it's been a hectic week, yet so great at the same time- back to school & back to doing the things that i love so much - bw (before wedding) ... like reading books, browsing the produce section/looking up healthy recipes, cleaning the house to billie holiday (& not rushing) *last night, i was able to attend book club- for the first time since march (last year i never missed one) & it was SO fun- love the girls in my club- so sweet. we read the book "me before you," which i enjoyed and would recommend... tonight i was able to talk to my sister, jess, for almost an hour on the phone- oh, how i miss her- love her more than the world itself. 
so excited to have books back on my nightstand... 
*wish me luck at open house tomorrow afternoon at school- as i meet my new students :)
seven more sleeps until my parents come to visit... !!!

how stunning was my beautiful mom on our wedding day? 
love her smile & soul. 

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  1. Good luck tomorrow! We had our kindergarten Open House glad it's over! It went well, though!