olive june: August 2013

happy birthday, mom - here's to uncle bo- and go buckeyes!

sending birthday wishes to my loving mom today- 
love you to the moon and back. 

so glad you here this weekend ... we are blessed to be able to share your day with you! 

thank you for always being my biggest cheerleader in life and for always loving others with your whole heart. 

with love,
your sunshine girl

we had such a great time last night at thomas street tavern-
we took a walk and then  
we sat outside under the trees - that shine brightly from market lights (love) 
it was a great time! 

*we also drank vodka/gin tonics to celebrate what would have been my (much missed) uncle bo's 65th birthday-
we love you. 

*we are off to strike city (the buckeye backers bar in charlotte

go bucks... 

here are a few favorites from the past- 
some of my favorite memories
are in columbus with family and friends
day drinking, dancing, cheering 
on a midwest autumn day


and then we are off to a surprise uptown for the birthday girl...

enjoy your saturday!

welcome home, pierre!!

today is the day that tim and i have waited for 
for two months now...
our beloved son, pierre,
who we adore- so much-
is coming back to charlotte!!!!!
*he's been staying with his grandparents in ohio since the wedding-
due to our traveling schedule~ 
my mom has been sending photos though- 
i think he's been enjoying himself 
and knowing my mom and animals...
he's been spoiled.
we CAN'T WAIT to see him today.
esp. to show him his new home. 

my parents are traveling down for the weekend from the buckeye state (one day!!)- 
i can't wait to see them. 
always love their visits. 
stay tuned early next week for a post about our weekend together in the queen city... 
safe travels mom and dad ~

*we will be celebrating my mom's birthday tomorrow and their anniversary- 
which is september 5*
i listened to sweet rachel's advice this week and tried to not let the stress steal my sunshine:)
... and we get to meet this little guy this weekend as well~ 
my parent's new and super cute pup, oliver 

have a wonderful friday y'all!!

any given sunday

tuesday night was our annual girls fantasy football draft at a bar in uptown charlotte- i've been participating in fantasy since i moved to charlotte and LOVE it every year... 

i am a college football girl, but have grown to love a day of sunday nfl football as well- it helps knowing the players' names! here are a few highlights from the draft & wish me luck! 

*words don't describe how excited i am for football season to begin!! 

we are in the hunt for an awesome eclectic trophy for our league... 

just when i didn't think i could love the cincinnati bengals more... 
i started watching the show 'hard knocks' on hbo...
i watched the show when the miami dolphins were on it and really enjoyed the show- it's even better when your team is the one featured...
who dey!!

*lots of fantastic personalities- they make me laugh.
i drafted the bengals defense (they are pre-ranked #5) and giovani bernard :)
i REALLY wanted aj green, but he was drafted right before my eyes by my one of a kind friend, blair (i had SO much fun with you!!) <3.