welcome to our new nest | olive june

welcome to our new nest

a quaint little yellow bungalow for two please... 

so as of about 4:45pm today, i feel like the past several days of purging, cleaning, organizing, driving to goodwill, moving, purging some more, cleaning, organizing more etc. is COMPLETE. 
*this has been the busiest week summer ever. -- yet the most exciting and best one yet. 
i was able to finish the last ten or so things on the crazy to-do list today~ right after nannying adorable kids (i've loved sitting for the stafford sisters over the past few weeks) 
& most importantly, just in time for alex and jana to arrive tonight from ohio! 

here is a breakdown of the past month: 

june 29: become mr. and mrs. (one magical day)
june 30: italian dinner at the monacos with family 
july 1: pack for costa rica 
jule 2- july 11 at 4am: travel and enjoy the beautiful country of costa rica
july 11: leave that day for hilton head for a wedding 
july 12: skipper.martin wedding- a blast.
july 13: rush back to be at the open house for the new bungalow 
(it's packed with people applying) 
july 16: we find out- while celebrating tim's mom's birthday- that WE GOT THE HOUSE!! 
*start packing*
july 19: changed my last name- surprisingly, not difficult at all
july 20-21: dog sat adorable, stanley and birthday celebrations for tim
july 26: the big move!! 
*a huge thank you again for all of the beautiful and fantastic wedding gifts- 
we are excited to finally use them!! so generous. 
july 29-30: cleaned the old place from head to toe :(
july 31- exhausted and relieved- we are DONE!!! 

out of all of my four houses in charlotte, this one is, without a doubt, the most 'me' :)
... so excited to start our first year of marriage here! 

here are some photos of our new nest so far~
some of you have requested pics of everything... 
thank you again for your constant messages, texts, emails
love you- and we love this house! 
social gathering coming soon y'all... 
        my boots are ready for the kenny concert tomorrow night... 

one of my favorite things about our new home- the little details 
(as some of you know- i love- thanks to our best man's aMaZinG speech)

 i used rope to attach this curtain in the laundry room - a wine cooler, pierre's materials, and a washer/dryer are behind... 

our mail organizer 
 the lou 

loramie strong- always.
we are thrilled to have a laundry room... instead of a stackable in a small closet
guest bedroom is awaiting its first guests... 

thank you all again for your interests and 
we hope to welcome several visitors soon!! 

... for those of you who know me well- i am sure i will be rearranging decor frequently and will share more soon/might break down the rooms, but wanted to share :) 
*now time to celebrate. 



  1. Wow, your house looks fantastic! It looks like you've lived there for years and not such a short amount of time! I also spotted The Night Circus on your shelf...such a great book! :)

  2. Do you remember where you got the white picture frame that is in the pic of your kitchen counter? Love it, and know someone I would love to get it for!

  3. pink and green mom- THANK YOU - you are so sweet!! Loved Night Circus- amazing. and Kate- I believe at Green with Envy?! love.

  4. I can't believe you are already so "settled in!" Way to go! Beautiful home!