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packing tips for moving

number one: buy fun colored tape/one for each main room and label everything based on the room that it is going in 

number two: place hanging clothes in a plastic bag to transfer over easily ... 

 number three: wrap everything and well! 
number four: place all nuts, bolts, screws, etc for hanging and electrical products into a baggie labeled with the room on it 

number five: put all items that are going immediately into storage into bins and label them... 

*i woke up in the middle of the night with one of the worst sore throats i've ever had... i am thinking that it may be due to the non-stop packing and running around? it even hurts when i don't swallow- might be off to the doc soon! please say a prayer- with the move in TWO days- there is no time for strep throat/being sick- i can't remember the last time i had a cold/sore throat... thank you!


  1. Great tips...bookmarking this post for when we move! I bought a card, for no one in particular, at Lou Lou in Annapolis that says "Get Well At Once" on the front. I think you deserve it right now! GET WELL AT ONCE!!!

  2. Moving!?!? Cousin, you're speaking my language. These tips are definiltely Two Men and a Truck approved!!! :)

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  4. I absolutely love your idea of using color coded tape while moving. That is a great way to make unpacking so much easier. That way you can tell your movers and other helpers to but certain colors in certain places instead of them trying to interpret your writing and making up categories on their own.

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