a very exciting announcement... | olive june

a very exciting announcement...

a new nest for the newlyweds!! 

tim and i are thrilled to announce that we are moving into 
this quaint and cute little bungalow~

*yesterday marked my 6 year anniversary of living in charlotte- 

one of the best decisions i have ever made!! 

our new home is in our favorite neighborhood of elizabeth and is also walking distance to plaza midwood- another favorite neighborhood! 

*you can almost see our favorite restaurant, soul, and my yoga studio... 
we are both so very ecstatic* 
... minus all the packing, organizing, etc. :)

the move is scheduled for this 
friday july 26!

more photos to follow... 


  1. Yaayyy! Congrats! Looks so cute! But I agree, packing and moving is the WORST! We are planning to move in the next year and I'm already dreading it. Sounds like you have a busy week ahead of you. Best of luck!

  2. awe- you are so amazing Rachel- we are so excited but have so, so much to do!! all worth it but lots of work! have a great one and thank you again for all of your comments- i always love them! also, enter for the clutch!! christmas for your sister or yourself- you deserve it! have a wonderful week! keep in touch- xo

  3. The house looks so sweet and just like you two. Enjoy! Here's hoping angels swoop in and make all that packing and unpacking less work and more fun with the excitement of getting to your NEW HOME! Can't wait to see pictures...