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yoga and 11 days...

back to yoga tomorrow- yay!! i've missed it. so much.

definitely going to have to try this... 

today i had a final meeting at our venue with the event director- nathan~ 
he's so fantastic and then got ready for our engagement video shoot in noda tonight-  
i was quite nervous~ 
cameras= love.
videos= frightening.

however, our videographer is so patient/amazing
 and tim was my rock- as usual. 

he did such a great job- just as i knew he would 
and i kept getting emotional- not surprised 
but nonetheless, it was fun. 

check out her work here: isabel's corner 
(sound will come on immediately - just a friendly warning but her work is unbelievable/def recommend watching:))

super excited to marry this sweet man: 
clearly we can conquer anything together. 

on a completely different note,
tomorrow is #onewordwednesdays and the word is 

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