twenty nine days of yoga- days 9 and 10 | olive june

twenty nine days of yoga- days 9 and 10

yesterday and early this morning, i attended yogaone's 6am class- due to end of school events in the evenings... 

day 9


class: 60 min vinyasa flow (hot)

what i walked away with: 
for the first time in a long time ever, i feel strong. 

day 10
teacher: dave

class: 60 min vinyasa flow (hot)

what i walked away with: 
dave's classes are some of my favorites- they are challenging - yet he has a way of making me extend and explore my positions in a positive way! 

#onewordwednesdays post coming later today... 

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  1. For Day 9, my workout was sprinting around two different malls trying to find the perfect ties for my fiance and his groomsmen. We had already purchased 4 gorgeous ties, but my fiance wanted his to be different from the other guys', so it was back to the drawing board. We make a habit of parking far away from our destination so we get some extra walking in. Light exercise, but still better than sitting around watching TV!

    For Day 10, I decided to focus on my core (a destination wedding means spending lots of time in a bathing suit!), so I chose three different 10-minute barre3 core segments from longer online workouts: Studio Burn, Ballet Core, and Twist. Part of the reason I love the online barre3 workouts is the fact that you can choose a 10, 30, 40, or 60 minute workout. The 10s are geared to specific targets (upper body, lower body, core, total body, pre-natal, or post-natal); the 30s, 40s, and 60s have a little bit of everything for a great total body workout. There's something for everyone, everyday! I also did the Madonna arms video. No matter how much I get used to it, my arms are still screaming by the end!