twenty nine days of yoga- day 8 | olive june

twenty nine days of yoga- day 8

teacher: daniel

class: 60 min vinyasa flow (hot)

what i walked away with: practice for progress... 

*my yoga studio has been the hottest of all time the past week- in my opinion. 

in honor of the cRaZy heat - already. 

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  1. I did the 40-minute online workout called "barre3 Balance" with Sadie. Then I did the arm seeing my guns get ripped! I noticed today after the arm workout that there was a link to a Popsugar video featuring an arm and leg workout by Sadie Lincoln, the founder of barre3! Here's the link if you want to check out what all the (or my) fuss is about! It gives you a little taste of the barre3 philosophy.

  2. yay!! you are doing amazing, rachel!! so proud of you- and i can't wait to check it out :) hope your week is going well!! :)