twenty nine days of yoga- day 6 & happy sunday~ | olive june

twenty nine days of yoga- day 6 & happy sunday~

here is a yoga/weekend recap- hope you had a wonderful one ... 

teacher: liz

class: 90 min deep stretch (hot)

what i walked away with: let go of expectations and watch how we treat others. 

i've always loved luna bars - but i found my very favorite one of all time friday- carrot cake. 
i spent saturday afternoon & today getting some wedding items done with my parents- it was so nice to have them here. after a trip to the city club yesterday, we went to lunch at the carolina ale house and had some delicious salads- followed by a 40 min horse carriage ride around the city. our horses's name was rocky - because he hated to sit still and would rock back and forth at all of the lights and then would take off and sprint on inclines - very comical- and a great way to spend a beautiful day. 
for dinner, we went to rooster's - where we had drinks and dinner with one of my childhood friends- phil and his fiance, maggie- they are also getting married this year- we had such a great time with them... always love seeing both of them. 
love you, phil!! 
after dinner, we went to an aMaZinG cigar bar called cutters uptown- we all loved it.
... followed by dancing to a live band at ri ra's !! 
a year ago today, tim proposed to me in beautiful charleston, south carolina ...
 what a great year it has been- one of my favorites of all time. 
such a happy day- and i didn't even know what was coming at this point... 
27 more days. 

*we are celebrating tonight with some a grilled dinner, wine, and a movie- 
silver linings playbook - can't remember the last time i watched a movie- so excited. 
yesterday morning, i received the cutest package and card from one of my beloved best friends from home- one of our bridesmaids, katie - thank you so much- so sweet. 

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  1. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! I love Sundays because it means I get to do barre3 at the studio in Georgetown! It's too far/traffic-y for me to go there during the week, but early Sunday mornings are perfect-no traffic and free parking right by the studio! Katie is the instructor for the 7:45 AM class, and I just love her. I used to think she was so hard, but I've come to love how much she challenges me. She is also so helpful and comes around to everyone to check in and offer modifications or help with adjustments (she's had to square my hips for me many times!). I never thought I would enjoy a group fitness experience, but I look forward to my 6:30 AM alarm on Sundays to head down to Georgetown for class!