twenty nine days of yoga- day 17 | olive june

twenty nine days of yoga- day 17


class: 60 min vinyasa flow (

what i walked away with: practicing yoga in the middle of a storm is the best. 

*tomorrow and saturday, i won't be able to go to yogaone because of appointments and a bachelorette party all day saturday for a friend :) 
spent at beautiful carolina wineries- yay! 
-happy times- 
however, i will be doing a workout tape at home/10 min arm video! 

my plan is to be back to hot yoga early sunday morning before a bridal shower and father's day celebration! 


  1. I had a hard time sleeping last night/early this morning due to the threat of severe weather here in MD this morning and later today (not a fan of bad storms), so I got up early and did the 30-minute barre3 Lean video. However, I was also watching the weather forecasts in the background and got a little distracted, so I didn't give my all to that workout. Perhaps if I had focused more on my barre3, I would've escaped my fear for those 30 minutes. However, I did practice my planks for some coworkers today after school, as well as my dancer's stretch. Two things that were so difficult for me to do back in February and March...

  2. SO proud of you Rachel- keep it up!! Hope you sleep better tonight... glad you are all safe as well!