twenty nine days of yoga- day 15 | olive june

twenty nine days of yoga- day 15

*yesterday's yoga... 


class: 60 min vinyasa flow (hot)

what i walked away with: 
"wag more- bark less"
and that we can choose how we practice- it's a choice. 

liz mentioned this about half way through and said- you can choose- will it be a struggle or ease - at the time, it was a struggle. 
... so i decided to change my perspective and it worked. 
suddenly, i focused more on my breath and taking rest when needed - 
still focusing on my core and extensions.

i've really been enjoying her classes- she' adorable- so sweet- and so hand's on!!

thank you all for reaching out this week and for the sweet messages you sent me ... 
it's another new day and i appreciated your support - very much.

... 17 more days until the wedding
- made a 'to do' list today- only about 49 (or more) things to do!!

can't wait. 

last night tim and i went to pick up our wedding bands and then enjoyed an amazing dinner at good food in montford- it was our first time there and we both fell in love- 
it's rustic, quaint, and the food is GOOD. most of all, i enjoyed my company and conversations with mr. monaco. 

here are a few pictures from last night:

don't forget- today is #onewordwednesdays and the word is reflection ... 

*please post/send at some point today - i will probably post the pictures at some point tomorrow~ yay!!
always love seeing your inspirations... 

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