twenty nine days of yoga - day 14 | olive june

twenty nine days of yoga - day 14

*as i sit back and reflect on today- there were some difficult parts (mainly work related- but blessed to still have my job- all will be good - it's just not the most ideal placement (at all) for next year and it affected me negatively- glad i am still in 8th grade though- it could be worse- I just know what's coming!) followed by a flat tire- in the middle of a thunderstorm- that would require me to get four (not just the one) new tires... and overall, not feeling well while in meetings- which is rare- ever since i started working out/eating healthier, i've felt so much better.
and yet at the same time, i sit here thankful for incredibly sweet co-workers, parents, and one heck of a fiance. people that are always there for me- no matter what i need them for ...
~ kind words, hugs, asking if i need help with anything, dinner/wine, cards
- thank you dear friends- 

you really have no idea what your support meant to me today. 
your kind words are enough.
needless to say- i didn't get to yoga today (i had an early staff meeting/was supposed to go to a going away dinner for my friend amy- who i ADORE :( - and didn't make it. 
it was late when i finally got home...
- however, i decompressed with a short walk and an arm video. 

hoping to make up for it this week with a double yoga day...
-maybe some type of deep stretch, meditation, vinyasa combo

this is what i believe and know:

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  1. Sorry you had a rough day, Janelle! I am a firm believer in "Everything happens for a reason," even when we don't know what the reason is right away. Hopefully everything will work out for the best!

    I didn't manage to work out today, either. I slept HORRIBLY last night due to a brain that refused to turn off (stressing about all the things I still need to do before we leave for Punta Cana next Tuesday: teach for the rest of the week, pack up my classroom, laundry, clean, pack, and lots of little things here and there) and wedding nightmares (I dreamed I forgot my jewelry and wedding shoes here in MD--I suppose it could be worse, but still...). Then I woke up to a sore throat and a throbbing headache that didn't go away until close to dinner time. I'm heading to bed now after a warm cup of cozy chamomile tea, hoping for a better day tomorrow. I hope your week gets better!