twenty nine days of yoga- day 11 | olive june

twenty nine days of yoga- day 11

day 11

i wanted to do this tonight 

however, the weather was stormy/dreary...

teacher: lindsey

class: 90 min deep stretch (hot)

what i walked away with: 
when we concentrate on doing less- we are able to do more. 

... the rain was pouring down, incense was lit, the studio was steamy... 
i felt my body melt into my mat tonight - so relaxing.

- perfect way to end another school year-

today at school, i was called up to the office ... 
when i arrived, an entire family was waiting there for me with a card and flowers - the dad wanted to meet me to thank me for this year - the kind words they said, i will never forget - 
so sweet. 

... makes it all worth it. 
thank you barbour family... 

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