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~ hello 30's!!

today marks a new decade for me - today i joined the 30 club ... 

call me crazy, but i am excited for the new era ... 
my 20's were everything i ever could have imagined and so much more ... 
so many amazing people were apart of my life - i wish i could name them all - 
but hope you all know who you are and thank you for being apart of my life and for making the last ten years so unforgettable. i feel like i started my 20's with a ponytail and ended with a diamond ring :) 

overall, i am so blessed to have moved to a city that i love. 
so much. 
to have a supportive and loving family, a job i love, a group of friends that i consider family, a new family that i am joining this weekend, and the sweetest man out there- who would do anything in the world for me. 

here's to thirty, flirty, and thriving as my friend/bridesmaid, Lisa, wrote. adore her. 
and over 100 facebook posts by 11am- wow. 
fb has a way of making birthdays even more special- so much love.  along with many texts, calls, and love. 
thank you. 

today i am planning on doing only a few wedding things... 
heading to amelie's french bakery to write/read 
and then my family will be arriving for a spanish tapas dinner in uptown charlotte
 (with my spanish speaking italian fiancé and his family as well- esp. can't wait to see his loving aunt, who is in town from boston!) 

pictures from today: 
a little yoga as well 

and four days until 'i do' 

 safe travels to all ... 
esp. my family from the buckeye state, who will be here later this afternoon!! 

i woke up this message from my godmother: 
To a beautiful woman on her birthday. I marvel at the person you are. I have been blessed to watch you grow into the confident, loving, inspiring and gorgeous woman you are. This week will be filled with so much love and joy....remember to breath in all the love that will come your way. love you..jeanne

so sweet. 



  1. Just wanted to also wish you "happy wedding week!" I know that you will have everything planned perfect and that you will be surrounded by all those special people in your life, but be sure to take it all in because the day & night fly by! Congrats to you & Tim...can't wait to see some pics & happy honeymoon (we'll actually be nearby, coming to Myrtle Beach on Sunday with rest of family)!

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