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happy father's day!

sending my love up to ohio today to my dad ... 

thank you for always guiding me
for believing in me
for having so much trust in me
for teaching me the importance 
of hard work
- and for always staying calm
(esp. when i really need calm).
for your humbleness 
your strong faith 
your guidance-
forever helping hand 
and your unconditional love. 

there really aren't words for what you mean to me. 
i love you dad,

 i felt like this video summed up how fortunate i am to have such an amazing dad. 

june 25, 1983 

when i was in 8th grade, i had a ballet solo in my dance  company- 
i was the bride to the song 'butterfly kisses' 

- this song may me cliche to some regarding the love between a father/daughter-
however, to us, it is so much more. 
ever since that day in 1998, this song has meant so much to us. 

i will never forget the sunday before i left for germany to study abroad in august 2006- 
my parents had a cookout to wish me farewell and best wishes- 
i was so scared 
to leave my family, friends, and boyfriend for four months to live in a foreign country
and teach school for the first time. 

however, my dad knew just what to do to reassure me that they would always be with with-
he gave me a photo album that he put together- full of photos and memories- 
in the front of the album, was this note
the lyrics to butterfly kisses...
with certain phrases highlighted:
"i look forward to the day we will dance to this song together-
you're my little girl."

that day is just 13 days away~ 
so proud of my dad and the fact that he is going to give me away--
to one loving man. 
thank you in advance for giving us the wedding of our dreams- 
and so much more.
*this small piece of paper is one of my most treasured possessions. 
this quote sums up my parents.
we all love you- 
we love that you work hard~
but can rock out with us at country concert every year at the same time!! 
you've taught us the importance of balance in life. 

such an amazing husband- my parents have always been so affectionate- 
something i am also proud of- so grateful. 
over 31 years and still so much love. 
true love

also wishing my future father-in-law, bruce monaco 
a very happy father's day!! 
i couldn't be more blessed to have you in my life as well - 
you've always welcomed me with your warm and loving personality 
and i love you! 
so proud to be joining your family. 
thank you so much for everything!! 


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