olive june: June 2013

~ hello 30's!!

today marks a new decade for me - today i joined the 30 club ... 

call me crazy, but i am excited for the new era ... 
my 20's were everything i ever could have imagined and so much more ... 
so many amazing people were apart of my life - i wish i could name them all - 
but hope you all know who you are and thank you for being apart of my life and for making the last ten years so unforgettable. i feel like i started my 20's with a ponytail and ended with a diamond ring :) 

overall, i am so blessed to have moved to a city that i love. 
so much. 
to have a supportive and loving family, a job i love, a group of friends that i consider family, a new family that i am joining this weekend, and the sweetest man out there- who would do anything in the world for me. 

here's to thirty, flirty, and thriving as my friend/bridesmaid, Lisa, wrote. adore her. 
and over 100 facebook posts by 11am- wow. 
fb has a way of making birthdays even more special- so much love.  along with many texts, calls, and love. 
thank you. 

today i am planning on doing only a few wedding things... 
heading to amelie's french bakery to write/read 
and then my family will be arriving for a spanish tapas dinner in uptown charlotte
 (with my spanish speaking italian fiancé and his family as well- esp. can't wait to see his loving aunt, who is in town from boston!) 

pictures from today: 
a little yoga as well 

and four days until 'i do' 

 safe travels to all ... 
esp. my family from the buckeye state, who will be here later this afternoon!! 

i woke up this message from my godmother: 
To a beautiful woman on her birthday. I marvel at the person you are. I have been blessed to watch you grow into the confident, loving, inspiring and gorgeous woman you are. This week will be filled with so much love and joy....remember to breath in all the love that will come your way. love you..jeanne

so sweet. 


promising start to a big week...

today, i am going to enjoy the last day in my 20's by finishing up several items, spending some hours writing at Amelie's, and will be bringing over fifteen boxes of wedding decor to our venue- 13 months of hard work - almost all on my own- and all ready for the big celebration. it was a lot, but i loved it and am proud of all of the work and the fact that i can see the finish line... only a few things left/which will take up my days, but in a more relaxing way i think. thank you to many of my genuine charlotte friends and family- who i love - who helped me/were supportive. until you are engaged, i don't think you can fully understand the stress that weighs on you- unless you have a planner/someone else planning, but if you are the one planning- it's a constant go/relaxing was difficult and unknown. so many of you knew this and reached out- i will never be able to 
thank you enough. you are all so incredible. 
 so yay!! 

love these welcome baskets 

there have already been so many messages & love this weekend/this morning- thank you.

what i am most excited about ~ seeing all of my family members (who are traveling so far) and friends in one place and marrying the man of my dreams. 

i feel so calm and ready. 

*for those of you coming to our wedding,
please submit some music requests- 
either on our wedding webpage: wolf monaco wedding

the group name "janellemwolf" and password "Janelle" (without the quotes)

i'll probably decompress this week with some sex and the city episodes, anthro candles, regina spketor's pandora station and am treating my sister to a massage thursday morning: 
have a wonderful monday 

source: weddingwire


hope you all had a great weekend!! 

ours was very, very productive and so nice!! 

i am still doing yoga, but am not getting around to blogging about it... 
sorry - after the wedding, i hope to be better! 

and on a better note- love this: 

and this~

prickly pear mezcal mule

in honor of summer days:

Yield: 2 drinks

2 tumblers or copper mugs

Citrus reamer
2 oz lime juice
1/2  jalapeño
2 oz Mezcal
6 oz ginger beer
1 oz. prickly pear syrup
Lime, for rimming the glass
Salt, for rimming the glass
Jalapeño slices (seeded), for garnish 


1.Sprinkle salt on a plate and set aside. Run a cut lime along the rim of the glasess. Dip the rim in the salt covered plate. Set the glasses aside.
2. Muddle the lime juice and jalapeño at the bottom of a shaker until well combined.
3. Add the Mezcal, a few cubes of ice and the prickly pear syrup. Shake vigorously until well combined.
3. Pour the mixture evenly into the two glasses.
4. Pour the ginger beer into the glasses until the drink reaches the top of the glass. Stir.
5. Garnish the drink with a few jalapeño slices for added bite.
love everything about this room... 

birthday wishes for my sweet sister...

happy birthday, jess!! 

wishing my inspiring sister an amazing day in st. louis today! 

"birth made us sisters-
life made us friends."

5 days until i see you, 
my beautiful maid of honor!

wishing you a better day than this one:

adore you.

twenty nine days of yoga - day 23

after a few days of workout videos and walks/jogs- i went back to yoga tonight... 
followed by a grande iced dirty chai tea (non-fat) :)

teacher: ann

class: 60 min vinyasa flow (hot.)

what i walked away with: 

i feel like this image sums it all up~

love from the father of the bride

today, i received this picture with the note below from my dad ~ this is a picture of the gift I gave him for father's day 2009- a poem i wrote with pictures- this message arrived right as the menus, table names, programs, and escort cards arrived- perfect timing: 

"Good morning, 
My most cherised gift in my office! 
I read it over twice this morning.
Sending you butterfly kisses from Ohio! 
Enjoy the next 11 days - 
your journey to love and happiness is just beginning!"

*my dad is so thoughtful and is always reaching out with messages and love - 
and i agree dad!! 

thank you dad- you are incredible! 

... off to pick up our marriage license, diy it up, and meet with our fabulous vendors... and yoga! 

yoga and 11 days...

back to yoga tomorrow- yay!! i've missed it. so much.

definitely going to have to try this... 

today i had a final meeting at our venue with the event director- nathan~ 
he's so fantastic and then got ready for our engagement video shoot in noda tonight-  
i was quite nervous~ 
cameras= love.
videos= frightening.

however, our videographer is so patient/amazing
 and tim was my rock- as usual. 

he did such a great job- just as i knew he would 
and i kept getting emotional- not surprised 
but nonetheless, it was fun. 

check out her work here: isabel's corner 
(sound will come on immediately - just a friendly warning but her work is unbelievable/def recommend watching:))

super excited to marry this sweet man: 
clearly we can conquer anything together. 

on a completely different note,
tomorrow is #onewordwednesdays and the word is 

monday love - keep calm, bride to be...

lots of wedding goals set for this week...

wish me luck :) 
i've loved this year so much (so much love- people really are so sweet),
 but when you're 12 days away- 
you kind of just want the celebration at this point!! 

*i want to take this time to thank those friends that have parts/some of my wedding crafts at their house right now- you are wonderful. 

*speaking of - good for the soul- yoga definitely is - but with the errands and events i had this weekend/today- i have been walking and doing videos instead-
tomorrow, i will be back at yoga one- very excited. 

have a great monday, y'all!! 

happy father's day!

sending my love up to ohio today to my dad ... 

thank you for always guiding me
for believing in me
for having so much trust in me
for teaching me the importance 
of hard work
- and for always staying calm
(esp. when i really need calm).
for your humbleness 
your strong faith 
your guidance-
forever helping hand 
and your unconditional love. 

there really aren't words for what you mean to me. 
i love you dad,

 i felt like this video summed up how fortunate i am to have such an amazing dad. 

june 25, 1983 

when i was in 8th grade, i had a ballet solo in my dance  company- 
i was the bride to the song 'butterfly kisses' 

- this song may me cliche to some regarding the love between a father/daughter-
however, to us, it is so much more. 
ever since that day in 1998, this song has meant so much to us. 

i will never forget the sunday before i left for germany to study abroad in august 2006- 
my parents had a cookout to wish me farewell and best wishes- 
i was so scared 
to leave my family, friends, and boyfriend for four months to live in a foreign country
and teach school for the first time. 

however, my dad knew just what to do to reassure me that they would always be with with-
he gave me a photo album that he put together- full of photos and memories- 
in the front of the album, was this note
the lyrics to butterfly kisses...
with certain phrases highlighted:
"i look forward to the day we will dance to this song together-
you're my little girl."

that day is just 13 days away~ 
so proud of my dad and the fact that he is going to give me away--
to one loving man. 
thank you in advance for giving us the wedding of our dreams- 
and so much more.
*this small piece of paper is one of my most treasured possessions. 
this quote sums up my parents.
we all love you- 
we love that you work hard~
but can rock out with us at country concert every year at the same time!! 
you've taught us the importance of balance in life. 

such an amazing husband- my parents have always been so affectionate- 
something i am also proud of- so grateful. 
over 31 years and still so much love. 
true love

also wishing my future father-in-law, bruce monaco 
a very happy father's day!! 
i couldn't be more blessed to have you in my life as well - 
you've always welcomed me with your warm and loving personality 
and i love you! 
so proud to be joining your family. 
thank you so much for everything!! 


adore my maid of honor- my sister.

i was scrolling through instagram today, 
when i came across this: 

Writing my speech for my lovely and beautiful sisters big day..#twoweekstogo @nellamarie5

couldn't ask for a more inspiring and adorable sister- my maid of honor. 
there is no one i would rather have stand close to me on that day. 
thank you so much, jess
for everything you have done for me this year-
and always. 

i love you.