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weekend plans

happy weekend to you! 

this weekend looks like it will be full of socializing (with LONG lost) friends, a cookout tomorrow afternoon with tim's friends, yoga, beginning the wedding seating chart (thank you so much type a people like me- who put the rsvp in the mail the very next day- i will continue to do this from this day forward :)) and then my bridal portraits with the talented melissa tuck (love) are sunday evening at the beautiful duke mansion... 
very excited.

wishing my very dear friend, john t. (hot sauce) lanning, 
a very happy 30th birthday today 
... love him so much. 
excited to celebrate tonight at strike city in uptown charlotte- lots of great memories with this dear friend- a friend who is always there for me/would do anything in the world for me (like offering to take off work to help me move last spring, going out and dancing on my birthday- despite being tired (party in a box), making me laugh when i really needed it, and the list goes on.) 
i surprised my roommate, jess, with an 'around the world' surprise birthday party in january 2011- john acted the part of a frenchman like nothing we had ever seen... 
loved that night! 

 my 27th birthday... 
we rocked out at dandelion market... meant so much to me that he came out!
i'm a little teapot/newsies night 

john t ~ wishing you 30 more years of FUN, laughter, and happiness!! 

have a wonderful weekend 

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