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weekend plans~

a trip to the farmer's market, hot yoga, jogs, juicing, reading, and wedding items are on my agenda for the weekend ... i hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!
tim is on his way to philadelphia for an annual golf outing that him and his brother, jeff, help to put on for the susan g. komen foundation. wishing them great weather, golf, and loads of fun. 
super jealous that he gets to spend the weekend with precious taylor kate- his adorable niece, who i miss dearly. 
... which means that it was a year ago this weekend that tim told me that he was driving up with his parents on friday for the outing; however, he would instead meet up with my parents for a few hours at a wine bar in charlotte (they were coming here to visit me for the weekend) where he would ask them for their blessings to marry me... i had NO idea that he was in charlotte that night and would fly out to philly in the morning... 
so sneaky. 
i am very grateful that he talked with them in person- something that is really important to me- and he, of course, made it happen! 
... speaking of my parents, they are - not surprisingly- having a neighborhood cinco de mayo party tomorrow night - my dad told me today that the basement is all decorated and ready to go- they LOVE to entertain. wish i could be there - we all LOVE cinco de mayo!! 
*above are some great ideas for entertaining this weekend from tjmaxx*
i've realized that i function so much better around positive people- i really need it. 
when life gives you lemons, mix them with wine:

~remembering my graduation from miami this weekend~ 
7 years ago this weekend... 
such great memories. 

... however, school was stressful for me and i am a much calmer person now- don't miss that part. but definitely miss the people, atmosphere and food- don't eat like that anymore, but it sure was good at the time! esp. those fiesta charra dinners... the acapulco- every.single.time.
my students turn in daybook entries (they can write about anything and are graded on variety, effort, and length) every friday - i simply love this student, yet very unusual entry... i realize my thumbs are odd/have been told numerous times that they are 'different' and some have said 'small & cute' ... a little better. however, didn't see this one coming: 
megan fox on jay leno discussing her thumbs- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yvtg7cQEVQE ... maybe my mom ate too much tuna in the 80's too?
my thumb- it's weird- i know. 

so who is planning on participating in
 One Word Wednesdays? 
remember to look for an inspiration - morning is the word of the week ;) i absolutely love inspirations and hope you are up for participating as well! i am excited to see what 

inspires you

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