the very first one word wednesday :) | olive june

the very first one word wednesday :)

one word wednesdays ~ a photo challenge~ week one!! 


I have decided to start a photo challenge: 
One Word Wednesdays. It's not about elaborately staged, perfect photos. But rather a simple challenge to keep one word in mind throughout the week, then pick up the camera when inspiration strikes. 

I hope you jump in, too. Join me every Wednesday by sharing a snapshot that celebrates a real scene from your life. You can share via your blog or Instagram...or both! Each word will be announced one week in advance, so you'll have plenty of time. Just leave a link below in the comments section or add hashtag #onewordwednesdays to your photos. 

If you'd like to participate, next week's word is: yellow. 

look for inspiration and post on wednesday may 15!  

my post for today~ love waking up to these beautiful pillows each morning- they truly make me smile... 
post your inspiration today and share 

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