sweet notes | olive june

sweet notes

i've received the sweetest notes, cards, comments this week about simply love ... 
so humbling and so sweet ~ they have all truly made my week ... 
thank you all so much for the love 
... i never would have imagined when i starting blogging in january that i would meet and connect with such amazing people. 
a special thank you to rachel, lori, cheryl, stacey, and kelly- you are all so sweet. 
rachel- i've also thought about this and would love nothing more... 

our yard continues to florish... 

 thank you, lori for the sweet card (love), note, & surprises :)
 you are the best. 
please visit her wonderful shop 

yoga will have to wait until the morning- heading off to some much needed cocktails with friends at a rooftop bar tonight ~ it's once again~ so nice outside!! 


  1. Yay! Glad you got the card! I saw that one at Lou Lou in Annapolis (the store I sent you a link to...but the store is way better in person than it is online!) and thought "I should send this to Janelle if I ever get her address" and then I won the earrings! :o) I thought it looked like a "Janelle" type card. LOVE simply love!

  2. awe- :) it was so sweet and made my day ~ you have no idea how much i loved the card- so perfect. you didn't have to do that!! and what a sweet message... your support means so much to me - and i would love to meet up sometime- would love. have a great week :) xo