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one word wednesday recap

a recap of the very first...

thank you so much to those who participated... 

the word this week was morning 

top left to the bottom right: 

1. my view while blogging in the early morning- anthro mug from my ohio shower and a candle (made down the street from my sister's place in st. louis) from my charlotte porch shower - while blackhawk's pandora station (just can't get enough) was playing :) 

2. our favorite wedding vendor- melissa tuck (of melissa tuck photography) she's SO wonderful, talented, sweet, and I have just adored working with her- so much. she took this picture of her husband, ryan, and one of their cute pups this morning ... as she would say- adorbs. please check out her photography blog *i just can't say enough about her!! 

3. my much missed co-worker of over six years, steph/'tiet', who moved last november to delaware- so sad. she sent me this beautiful picture this morning for the challenge- i miss you - very, very much. 

4. the oh-so-fantastic rachel from maryland put up this cute pic of her dog - furryalarm!

5. my original inspiration -the cute pillows on my bed - love. great way to 'rise and shine' each morning- esp. for 6am hot vinyasa flow. 

it's not too late to snap a photo today - #onewordwednesdays 

a larger view of my friend from delaware's picture - miss you so, so much. 
thank you so much for sending- brightened my mood, while participating in a staff meeting- about testing- for sure made me smile. 
with love, wolfie. xo 
please join us next week- the more pictures & inspirations, the better! 

the word is yellow next week 

found this old card from tiet today - love her.

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