let the fun begin... | olive june

let the fun begin...

... and i'm off to 
savannah, georgia early tomorrow morning until monday for my bachelorette party with my loves.  

thankful that my friends are traveling so far to celebrate with me... i won't be blogging this weekend, but thanks again this week for the sweet comments and readings :) 
very much appreciated... please check back on monday evening/early tuesday for a weekend recap. 
wishing you a great memorial day weekend with family and friends... 
the paris market in savannah- feel in love with this store on my last visit... 

love them all - so selfless and giving!  
the weather looks perfect for the pool/beach ~ (much needed) cocktails in the sun... 

a very special thank you and love to my fiance, tim, for helping me this week- my to-do list each evening had 8-10 items on it/i was getting home around 10 & working on things until around midnight... and he was there each step of the way- like he always is- 
so helpful and very much appreciated. 

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