happy mother's day from charlotte... | olive june

happy mother's day from charlotte...

Dear Mom, 

I Love You! 

for giving the best hugs (and always knowing when I need one!) 

for always encouraging me 

for helping me to become self sufficient and for signing me up for so many activities - baton, gymnastics, ballet/dance, golf, swimming, summer camps, cheer, soccer, softball, 4h, lots of time spent at the local library - and the list goes on. 

for taking care of me when i was sick

for baking the best homemade cookies

for teaching me to never sweat the small stuff 

for showing me and the people around you friendliness, kindness, and compassion

for always teaching me to forgive others 

for a deep love for the oktoberfest ... brats, polka, beer, and rollin' out the barrel -->

for always telling me that i could be anything that i wanted to be 

for teaching me right from wrong

for instilling a love for pop culture and music - esp. classic country music - love. 

for showing me how to be a good mom- someday :) 

for insisting that i clean/do chores when i was young/lived at your house- even though i didn't appreciate it then- i do now.

for packing notes in my lunch bag

for always being willing to listen. 

for teaching me how important it is to love one another. 

thank you, mom!

*have fun in st. louis - wish i was there. enjoy time with jess, dad, and bassey
with love,
also sending love, prayers, and thoughts to my sweet gram in ohio today- love you... so much. 
for you are the amazing woman that taught my mom. xo
more thoughts to another woman who helped raise me- the lovely and super sweet barb - one of the nicest people i have ever met - therefore, so lucky and blessed that the ternaskys were our backyard neighbors growing up- who are now family to us... love you so much and thank you! 

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