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doing less is more

while dating a guy in charlotte a few years ago, i met an amazing 
(amazing) woman, nancy- who is his mom's best friend- just love her!! 
in the short time i knew her, she made an impact on my life/i fell in love with her the very first time I met her- thank you so much for everything, nancy!
she put this status up the other day and i just loved it: 

"We are constantly being tugged on from a thousand different directions, so your ability to be productive & ultimately achieve your big hairy audacious goals has more to do with all the things you DON’T do versus the things you do. Doing MORE is not the answer. Doing less is. Saying “no” to more things so you can say “yes” to the right things is the key to taking you more efficiently & expeditiously toward your goals."

thanks so much for sharing this advice... 
i have been told this for years... and agree. 
esp. by the aMaZinG anna travieso! :)

pierre says have a WONDERFUL FRIDAY!! 

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