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and the winner is...

she's so cute! 
sweet rachel from maryland... 

i picked at random today ~ and want to genuinely  thank all of you for participating ;) 

she wrote: I would love to win these earrings for my fabulous mom. I am so lucky to have my mom; she has been the best example of love, support, strength, and devotion I could ever imagine for me and my sister. I fully credit her for the women we have grown up to be. And she never shies away from still being the "mommy" I sometimes need her to be, like today, when I called her from school to cry to her and tell her how I didn't feel well and asked for advice on how to feel better...because sometimes you just want your Mom when you feel icky. We may live hours away from each other, but her soothing voice and caring tone instantly take some of the "blahs" away. Thanks, Janelle, for giving these gorgeous earrings away to one deserving mother. I have already planned out my gift to my mom this year, but these would be a lovely addition. :o)
rachel- thanks so much for all of your love and support with my blog!!
*last weekend i received several more unexpected comments - and there are no words for how much i appreciate all the love - from loved ones and strangers alike- i didn't expect all of this and am very glad that some of you actively read my blog - thank you. 

- don't forget that this wednesday, may 8th is the first of the beginning of One Word Wednesdays ... i love, love pictures & inspirations and hope many of you will participate- don't forget to look for an inspiration - morning is the word this week - and to post on your personal blog/attach a link here or put on instagram with #onewordwednesdays this Wednesday 5.8.13!

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