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a livable life

what better way to spend a saturday morning than with a matthew kelly book, regina skektor's pandora station (my all time favorite!) and a blueberry avocado green smoothie: 

Rhythm of Life
My experience and reflection lead me to believe that one of our greatest challenges in the modern world is lifestyle. In ­today’s hectic world, we often push ourselves to the limit—sometimes forgetting that our bodies, hearts, minds, and spirits all need time to refocus and recharge. Striving for a balanced lifestyle—one that enables us to maintain a natural state—will ensure optimum health and well-­being.
We need a new way of living. We need a new way of life. Our lifestyles are self-­destructive. We need a way of living that brings out the best in us. We need a way of life that honors our legitimate needs. We need a lifestyle that helps us to become the-­best-­version-­of-­ourselves.
The rhythm of life is a passport to achieving this balance.
The rhythm of life is a way of life. It is a lifestyle that integrates all of our legitimate needs—physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.
The rhythm of life is the perfect combination of rest, activity, and pace; it ennobles us to become the unique individuals we were created to be, enables us to excel in all we do, and empowers us with a certain clarity of mind and peace of heart.
The rhythm of life is the antidote for our busy age.
I believe life should be lived passionately and that the day-­to-­day drudgery that stifles the greatness of the human spirit should be avoided at all costs. I do not despise simple daily tasks, but I believe their place is in building us up, not in tearing us down.
As we venture into this new millennium, the challenge life presents to us all is to develop a balance between activity and thought. But, particularly, to fill our lives with action that springs forth from contemplation and an understanding of our essential purpose.
Look at the world. Look at yourself. Look at your lifestyle. Ponder these things. Our chaotic world and complex lives are crying out for a little order and simplicity.
Most people stumble through life believing that one day they will find the pace of life and variety of activity that will create the rhythm of life that is conducive to optimum health, happiness, efficiency, and contentment. They will not. The rhythm of life must be desired and created.
We make a thousand lifestyle choices every day. Those decisions either create or destroy the natural rhythm of life.
Life is not a hundred-­meter dash; ­it’s a marathon.
There is more to life than increasing the speed. Faster ­isn’t always better, bigger ­isn’t always better, louder ­isn’t always better. More ­isn’t always the solution. Life is not a competition to see who can collect the most expensive toys. The best things in life are not things—and sometimes less is more.
find your rhythm… and you will flood your life with passion, creativity, and energy.
pierre and i miss you tim... have fun!

an excerpt from – The Rhythm of Life – by Matthew Kelly

1 cup water
1 cup fresh blueberries
1 ripe avocado, pitted and sliced
2 heaping cups spinach
1 tbsp agave
1 cup ice

 from justrealfood 

Place everything in a blender and blend until creamy and smooth. Serve and enjoy!

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