olive june: May 2013

twenty nine days of yoga- day 4


class: 60 min of power vinyasa (hot)

what i walked away with: what a week- long nights & early mornings- but always feel so much better at the end of my practices.

twenty nine days of yoga- day 3


class: 60 min of power vinyasa (hot)

my intention: always stay calm 

amazing sandwich idea: 

california sandwich- tomato, avocado, cucumber, sprouts & chive spread.

tonight was our 8th grade social at school 
another year coming to an end... always bittersweet.

i teach the one in the middle- adore him. 
one of my favorite people in the world... 

one word wednesdays ~ art


are a simple weekly way for us to share our life adventures in a creative way together.  

each wednesday I will be sharing a word~ a word that you and i can capture during the week. i hope you will join in on your blog/instagram - or you can email/message me as well. 

this week's word: art 

next week's word: growth 

 this week's photos: 
one of my favorite paintings in the nest - karenfieldsgallery
cute kinder art - rachel from maryland

alyssa from matthews

i'll watch the morning sun rise 
to light up the bright blue skies

i'll watch the sunset over my head
in brilliant shades of pink and red

when the world is black at night 
i'll watch over you and your starlight. 
i know we will meet again one day
but for now, all i can do is say 

i love you,
my concrete angel 


 anna from charlotte

*another inspirational photo from last week's word ~ project: 

melissa from georgia 

thank you so much to all who participated...
absolutely love seeing your inspirations pop up :) 

source: minted.com

twenty nine days of yoga- day 2

teacher: ann

class: 60 min of power vinyasa (hot)

what i walked away with: 
when i am on my mat, i surrender and let go of everything...

what i am most excited about: 
27 more days of cold lavender towels at the end of each practice.

source: yogalifestyle 

just one month away...

throughout our twelve month engagement, i have counted down the months by the 29th ~
 today marks the last one before the big day... 

so excited to marry this wonderful man~ 

picture of us by melissa tuck photography 

twenty nine days of yoga- day 1

today i started my new yoga challenge and it was very, very, HOT but so exciting at the same time... i have decided to do 29 days of yoga prior to our wedding: may 28-june 27
although sometimes extremely difficult, i was very thankful and enjoyed my last yoga challenge- my forty days- last february and march- so much. 

teacher: sally (love) 

class: 60 min of power vinyasa (hot)

my intention today: peace 

*who would like to join me? 
all are welcome- i think it will be an even more exciting journey with others' motivations & inspirations- i would love for all of you to take on the challenge with me!!
~ to do so, just comment under my daily posts about what type of activity you did that day- it can be any type of physical activity - not just yoga! 

... also, don't forget tomorrow is onewordwednesdays 
the word tomorrow is ~ art. 
 on another note, how fabulous was this event by my favorite bridal line- anthropologie's sister line, bhldn

hope you all had a great memorial day~ my weekend with my closest friends and sister in savannah, georgia was so wonderful... thank you so much to all who sent messages, texts, cards, presents~ it all meant so much to me. so thankful for those who traveled so far to celebrate- esp. my adorable sister for planning everything ~ i had the best time. 
*post coming very soon*

another yoga challenge- who wants to join me??

the last yoga challenge went SO well - my forty day challenge in february and march- that I've decided to do another one- it's going to be a 29 day challenge- the 29 days before the wedding weekend kicks off- tuesday may 28- thursday june 27... i've been going a lot lately- now that my rib subluxations from april are healed and it's, once again, so amazing.  if you would like to join me, I would love to have others exploring the journey with me - you can comment on the blogs for inspiration, accountability, advice, etc. ... think about it over the weekend and let me know on my post early next week if you would like to join me!! ... it's pretty amazing (and it doesn't have to be hot yoga- it can be anything!!) 

happy 5 year anniversary katie and greg

loved that day- see you in savannah!!

let the fun begin...

... and i'm off to 
savannah, georgia early tomorrow morning until monday for my bachelorette party with my loves.  

thankful that my friends are traveling so far to celebrate with me... i won't be blogging this weekend, but thanks again this week for the sweet comments and readings :) 
very much appreciated... please check back on monday evening/early tuesday for a weekend recap. 
wishing you a great memorial day weekend with family and friends... 
the paris market in savannah- feel in love with this store on my last visit... 

love them all - so selfless and giving!  
the weather looks perfect for the pool/beach ~ (much needed) cocktails in the sun... 

a very special thank you and love to my fiance, tim, for helping me this week- my to-do list each evening had 8-10 items on it/i was getting home around 10 & working on things until around midnight... and he was there each step of the way- like he always is- 
so helpful and very much appreciated. 

one word wednesdays ~ project

thanks so much to all who submitted ~ next week's word is art 
 here were some of the inspirations from today's word: 


alyssa -- a creation from her beach trip 
carrie from illinois 
rachel from maryland
stephanie from delaware -- repotting plants 

mackenzie from charlotte 
lauren from charlotte -- one of my student's creative bucket list
mine ;) -- wedding project fun 

a care package from lori...

i was greeted after school today to an adorable care package from one of my bridesmaids, lori- loved so much. what a thoughtful gesture - can't wait to see her this weekend in savannah... 
the note inside... 
adorable bird earrings ... she knows me SO well. that's what 23 years of friendship will do. 
growing up, our elementary school gave away a pencil on each students' birthday- you were called to the office and could pick it out - being a summer birthday, my 'school birthday' was march 25- lori continued after high school to send me a pencil each year in college - and in true lori fashion- procrastination at its finest- made up for it today by sending 7 pencils for 2006-2013~ ha
her wedding day- august 12, 2006 
katie and greg's wedding 
country concert at home with lori, my sister and cousin kelly 
her 'little' boy and i ... he's now 5!! 

class of 2002 friends at our hometown bar 
rethman-crawford wedding -- so fun. 
two of our wedding party members 
only smalltowners turn wedding vases into beer steins ;) 

don't forget- tomorrow is #onewordwednesdays and the word is project!! 

thank you again, lori!! 
such a dear friend... 

... this tuesday consists of hot yoga and a comedy show/double date at the music factory :) perfect.