st. louis bound | olive june

st. louis bound

today tim & i will be traveling to st. louis, missouri for two purposes: 

1. to visit my sister, jess, and her boyfriend, bassey & to explore st. louis for the first time!

2. for tim to meet my uncle - father john wolf- who will be marrying us in june. i love my uncle- he's kind, hard working, and is one amazing priest - who married my parents and baptized me :) so blessed and thankful to have him marry us! growing up, i used to go to watch him in my uncle tony and aunt judy's sunroom as we sat as a family while he performed a christmas mass- it was where my older cousins would announce special news like marriages and babies :) ... in addition, i grew up attending their weddings (i am #17 of 19 grandchildren- talk about some 80's love songs-ha) ... there is no one else that i would rather have marry tim and i- thank you uncle john. 
we will be traveling to kansas city, mo early saturday morning to meet up with him for lunch/will go to mass that evening :) so excited. 
look for a travel post early next week... 

july 31 1983

here we come missouri loves: 
excited to travel/relax with family after a few days of non-stop wedding prep~ 
 fun at the lake with the june/july birthdays: 

wish us safe travels and have a great weekend!

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