simply love's mother's day gift giveaway | olive june

simply love's mother's day gift giveaway

mother's day... 
                             is two weeks from today - may 12th 2013 

* do you have a deserving mom who would love these earrings from ellejewels on etsy? 

beautiful peach leaf drop earrings 

the owner, laura, is out of chicago, illinois & is fantastic - the pieces are modern vintage and are beautiful ... plus, her prices are very reasonable :) 
to enter: 
- comment under this post about why you love your mother/mother in law/grandmother/someone who is deserving to you - and why she would love these earrings ~ if you would like to share a favorite memory, please do so - this is the perfect time to share
love & appreciation  

  • please enter by sunday may 5th at midnight 
  • the lucky winner will be announced on monday may 6th 
  • the earrings will shipped on tuesday may 7th... so that you have them in time for mother's day!
  • please include your email address so that i can contact you in case you are the winner ;) 
  • how to comment? : please leave some love post 
*thanks so much again to those who entered the last giveaway - lots of love. 

my beautiful mom 

i am in love with the earrings~ 

my mom on her wedding day - september 5, 1981 
photo sources

a grandmother's love                        
one of my role models in life ~ on how to treat others~ is my loving paternal grandmother, leona wolf. when i was home last month, i picked my aunts' brains about what my grandmother was like- as a mother and as a mother-in-law -- my cousins have always expressed to me how loving and gentle she was - especially when i mentioned that, even at the age of five, i felt like she made me feel like i was the most important person in the entire world-- they responded by saying, 'yes, that was grandma. - sorry to burst your bubble nelle, but she made everyone feel that way.' i was young when she passed away, but remember her love so well. it was contagious and she truly made you feel like you were the most important person in life. 
... i loved her voice, how she cut my peanut butter and jelly toast into four squares, how we would play memory all day long, always watched nick at night and ate mint chocolate chip ice cream, and most of all, how she loved and how she treated others. although i have been stressed lately, i am trying to remember what my aunts told me when i asked, 'was grandma always kind and accepting?' and they answered, 'always.' this is how i want to be remembered. even when life gets hard, i want to treat others kindly - i always want to be accepting and most of all, i want others to know how much i love them. one of the things i cherish most is a letter that my cousin/godmother, jeanne, wrote to me in high school telling me how much my gentle soul reminded her of grandma... 
                           for there is no greater gift to me than those words. 

 i truly wish that she could have been there to see me grow up, but i know that she is looking down every single day and hope that she is proud of me - for my goal in life is to do just that. 

my dad's oldest sister, aunt lila, gave tim and i this amazing vase (love) for our engagement - it was given to my grandparent's on their 25th wedding anniversary: 

... who would have loved to see this day... 
last week we received these beautiful pillows from her - so much love was put into making these and they are so beautiful/just my style! 
thank you again, aunt lila - i love you.

best wishes to all on the gift giveaway ... 


  1. I would love to win these earrings for my fabulous mom. I am so lucky to have my mom; she has been the best example of love, support, strength, and devotion I could ever imagine for me and my sister. I fully credit her for the women we have grown up to be. And she never shies away from still being the "mommy" I sometimes need her to be, like today, when I called her from school to cry to her and tell her how I didn't feel well and asked for advice on how to feel better...because sometimes you just want your Mom when you feel icky. We may live hours away from each other, but her soothing voice and caring tone instantly take some of the "blahs" away. Thanks, Janelle, for giving these gorgeous earrings away to one deserving mother. I have already planned out my gift to my mom this year, but these would be a lovely addition. :o)

  2. from Mandy A:
    "I would like to win these earrings to give as a Mother's Day gift to my amazing sister in law - Missy. Missy has shown everyone around us true strength and what mothers are capable of over these last couple months. Missy's 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with a rare bone marrow disease that could only be cured through a bone marrow transplant. As a mother myself, I couldn't imagine hearing this news. The story became almost fairy tale like when test results came back that her 9 year old son was a perfect match and was going to be able to literally save his little sister's life. Missy endured weeks of hospital living as her daughter underwent treatment and was back and forth between hospital rooms of her daughter and son on the day of the transplant. She handled each moment with such strength - grace - and positivity. She has become such a role model to me! I am very thankful to heave her in my life. I would love to be able to give her these beautiful earrings as a Mother's Day gift!

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