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our trip to missouri

tim and i traveled to st. louis and kansas city, missouri on 
april 4- april 7 2013. 

it was fantastic.

st. louis ~ you are much cuter than i had expected- such a great trip visiting my sister, jess, her boyfriend, bassey, and my uncle, father john wolf. 
here are some highlights/photos that we took on our trip..

the wolf-enoidem manor is precious

we arrived thursday to bassey cooking us a delicious meal ... rosemary pork chops, honey brussel sprouts, and kous kous - thank you- we loved every moment of this dinner!
when my sister moved to st. louis on february 1 - bassey had a homemade 'places to see and do' book to give her- such a great idea!!
he made it on power point- about 20 pages... and then printed & bound into a book-
such a thoughtful gift. 
their neighborhood- central west end- so much to do there! we loved exploring... 
all of our wedding/cards/invites were up... awe.
chess museum - we went and loved it!

crepe restaurent for lunch 

the wolfs love cheeseboards - the actual board was bought in savannah, georgia at the savannah bee company in july 2011...
 we all have one/use regularly- they are made out of an old wine barrel - so fun.

we walked about 7 miles on friday- gorgeous day!

drink/waiting on jess...

this was literally on a pickup truck next to us ... teal green and all. 
you can't make this stuff up. ha
saturday we traveled to kansas city, mo to visit my uncle- it was very special and fun!!!
adored the cafes, bars, and cute shops...
one of my favorite candles, simpatico, from anthropologie is made/sold right down the street from where my sister lives... my friend, kate dull, bought me one for my bridal shower- love it so much!
tim, jess, and i spent most of friday afternoon drinking sangria outside and bar hopping... 
for my italian man. 
we all know that i love food. :)
the yellow balls arrived- just check out that dimension. 
adorable ivy hill 

taste- tim's favorite bar ever ... 

the toilets were like the ones in the godfather, 1920's decor, old fashioned drinks, fun names - great company.
we went to a healthy food market- right after we finally found a bike rental store we had been talking about... and tried this organic drink- brand new fan. 
spicy calamari at wild flower 
we sent this bottom drink to my dad - he wrote...
'thirty two years with her - love my sandy girl' 
so sweet. 

exploring central west end
bassey brought us to a cute coffee shop in the french area of the city and said -" i know you nellie!" eee.
so me. i couldn't even take it. 
handsome fiance- cute sister 
they made us a lovely brunch on sunday before heading to check out the arch/a bbq picnic in the park- mimosas, pumpkin ginger waffles, turkey bacon, and goat cheese/herb eggs 
please check back for the pumpkin ginger waffle recipe soon!!
my uncle's church in kansas city- the people were SO nice. reminded me of small town~ simple, rural, and extremely friendly people... 

so sad to leave... 
thank you all for one great weekend. 

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