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need a cute date idea?

love this idea: 
Amelie's + Cute Cruisers (with baskets) = simply love

Bicycles are now available for rent at Amélie's, along with picnic baskets! Bicycles are $100 for the pair, with $75 refunded upon returned bikes. Picnic baskets are just a $30 refundable deposit. to schedule: 704-376-1781

... when i got my bike a few years ago, my friends used to say that they could see me cruising around noda in charlotte (the arts district) with a dress on and a book, flowers, and a baguette in the basket... 

had the best chat with my adorable sister today- LOVE her. 
miss you. 

i always feel so inspired and better after... 

i have this necklace below ~ in love.

source: southernfriedchicks - etsy also has reasonable ones

*heading out to grab some carolina bbq with my mom and tim tonight*

have a great evening!

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