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inn at versailles bridal shower- part two

here are some continued highlights from my bridal shower in ohio: 
class of 2002 friends

my mom and sister know that i am not always traditional - which i am proud of and get from them. 
so surprise: 
one amazing gelato bar for dessert- loved in honor of my european travels- carmel, cheesecake, mint, and coconut flavors - my favorites! 

ansley filled out her advice card and brought it up to me and i read it - it was ADORABLE. at the end she put, 'and don't forget to kiss your children goodnight' ... she does has the most loving mom ever. it made my day to see/read her card!! 
so thankful that my grandma has been there to see me grow up... she means so much to me. 

"What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance.  They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life.  And, most importantly, cookies. "
~Rudolph Giuliani

she's so beautiful inside and out. i am grateful to have grown up 15 minutes from her- a hardworking and very loving woman. i loved being 'a kid on the farm' and adore the memories and values that she has passed down to each one of us. 

love you, gram!! 

as you can see... this may be foreshadowing to our wedding weekend - but my beautiful sister caused me to break down in tears during her speech.... 
she talked about loving tim and then said, 'my whole life, i've always looked up to and always wanted to be like nellie- because she's so sweet and loving ...' 
and i lost it. thank you lovey -
 it meant so much to me... 

wolf girls:

cute cousins 
my brother's amazing girlfriend- we love you, jana! ... and great job as the photographer!! 
just like me- she had a hard time not breaking down... love you katie! as lisa laughs- about right. :)
 monaco cooler and a buckeye picnic set- LOVE. 
 my other mom growing up, Barb:
 my grandma reading her advice card- so sweet:

 of course, lisa ended her advice with - 'don't worry- be happy' :)
one of the best people i have ever met. 

i love the way that averi is looking at her mom! 

now onto the after party at my parent's house- where the men were hangin' - late night fun!
my uncles are so fun!!

"i belong with you- you belong with me- 
you're my sweet heart."
- the lumineers 

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