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honeymoon reveal

and the newlywed monacos will be off to... 

july 2- july 10 2013
tim, my fiance, spent SO much time researching and planning our honeymoon-- and i couldn't be more thrilled with the final decision!!
... we will be traveling to two places in costa rica together, where we will spend 3 days near an active volcano/the rain forest doing various excursions - and then will travel to the beach to stay at an all-inclusive Westin resort for 5 days. 
Our great friends, Kate and Andrew, did this exact same thing in November and said that if they could do it all over again, they would do the same thing.
We followed their advice and used the same travel agent- he's fantastic! 
thank you both- so much- for the advice!!  
thank you tim for all of your hard work~
i can't wait to relax and explore Costa Rica with you!!

costa rica - see you in 90 days!

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