happy friday y'all | olive june

happy friday y'all

such a refreshing sleep last night - listening to april rain... 
which look do you prefer?
from rue la la 
a little friday humor... 
wishing my future husband :) the best weekend in florida with family and friends as he celebrates his bachelor party weekend- have so much fun, love! 
in true nella fashion- i packed this card and some goodie bags in his suitcase: 

 i know how much you LOVE bachelor parties... 
 the biggest thank you to nate and joel- two of my closest guy friends/groomsmen for offering to go- so, so nice of you both! family and school first though- totally understand. :)
wasn't surprised, but thought the world of it- and both of you! 

 quaint southern- should we say 'cute' cities are more my style- heading to 
savannah, georgia over memorial day with my loves- so excited!! xo

 and finally - wishing one of my bridesmaids/best friends a very happy 29th birthday- love you- so much!!

 remember this crazy dancing man!!!!

 the day 'reth-dog' became a crawford - love you- wolfdizzle 

looking forward to a girls weekend in charlotte- yoga, a wine tour, amelie's, wedding planning, reading, and spring cleaning!

happy friday!

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